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bulletStations connecting to the New England Reflector (all channels):

1)   IDs must not come through unless it is under a users transmission.
2)   Courtesy tones and hang times are not allowed.
3)   Please pause 2 seconds between transmissions.
4)   Please key-up for 1 second before speaking.
5)   Simplex nodes must require CTCSS or DCS to activate their node.
6)   Nodes must not "pulse back" at the end of each transmission.
7)   Communications must not be one-way through any connected node.
8)   Stations must not transmit indecent words or offensive language.
9)   Cross-linking of any channel to AllStar, EchoLink, eQSO, WIRES
       or any other VoIP network is prohibited unless you have
       specific permission to do so by a sysop.  If you have a need to
       communicate to users between IRLP and EchoLink, please use 9120,
       9123 or 9127 which have specifically been designated for that use.

bulletStations connecting to the EchoLink Gateway channels (9120, 9123 & 9127):

1)   The same policies for the New England Reflector apply.
2)   Never multi-conference *NEW-ENG*, *NEW-ENG2* or *NEW-ENG3* to
       another conference unless it has been approved by a sysop.
3)   Users may be permitted to leave multi-conferencing turned on,
       however if a station connected directly to you causes a problem,
       be advised that you will be muted.

bulletStations connecting to the NEAR-900 Network channel (9125):

1)   The same policies for the New England Reflector apply.
2)   This channel is specifically designated for use by nodes operating in
       the 900 MHz (33 centimeter) amateur radio band.
3)   Nodes operating on the intended band are encouraged to connect and are
       allowed to remain connected (park) for extended periods of time.
4)   Nodes not operating on the intended band are welcome to connect as
       guests, but must not leave their node connected for extended periods.


Any connected node that violates policy may be either temporarily disconnected, muted (gateways only) or blocked at a reflector team member's discretion.

An offending node will be temporarily disconnected on first offence.  This is normally done by blocking and then unblocking the node from reflector access, which will effectively disconnect the node, but allow it to reconnect.  If using one of the gateways, the node may instead be muted until the next time it connects.  If the problem was accidental, simply fix the problem and then reconnect.

If the node continues to violate policy, it will be blocked from access on that channel.  The owner of the blocked node will then receive an email explaining the problem.  The node owner must then reply to the email explaining the situation and the steps taken to resolve the issue in order to be unblocked.

Please Note:
This policy is not exclude anyone, but is to
preserve order and security within the reflector.