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IRLP 9120 <--> ECHOLINK 9129



      The "New England Network" channel of the New England Reflector is the first of three integrated gateways on the reflector.  It is the main channel of the reflector and digitally bridges together IRLP and EchoLink.  Users connecting to this gateway from either VoIP network are allowed to interconnect with each other.  The node number is accessible on IRLP as 9120 and EchoLink as 9129.  Take note that the node number is different on both networks, because we were unable to secure 9120 as a vanity node number on EchoLink.  It can be found on EchoLink clients as conference *NEW-ENG*.  This is a dedicated gateway for general QSO in the six New England states.

      This gateway is configured to have transcoding enabled, meaning audio between users on IRLP and EchoLink and visa versa are re-encoded.  The audio codec for users connecting via IRLP is UNCOMP (uncompressed), while EchoLink is GSM.  The purpose of this configuration is to have the added benefit of exceptional audio quality between IRLP nodes when connecting to the gateway via IRLP (preferred).

More details are provided below.


      This gateway provides an open channel for any and all nodes to connect for the purpose of ragchewing.  Indvidual nodes are allowed to connect and park here for extended periods.  Since several nodes throughout New England connect here full-time, it was given the name "New England Network".  This is a free and open resource for all members of the amateur community.

      Mostly all drills, emergency communications and scheduled nets are now held on 9123 and 9127 respectively in order to keep the New England Network free for general QSO at all times.  When scheduling conflicts occur however, this gateway does function as a backup.  Currently the ONLY conflict is the Yale Amateur Radio Club net which operates here on Tuesdays at 8 PM.  This is due to another scheduled net being held on 9127 at the same time.